When it comes to security it’s the home security cameras NYC homeowners have that will make all the difference in your peace of mind. NYC is home to millions of people who all find the need to express themselves in different ways. For those who find burglary to be their self-expression though, you don’t need to let them waltz in with open arms. You have a right to home protection and with a good home security system and home automation you might also get more than just security. Whether your apartment is big or small start working towards being fully protected today by looking for these 3 main elements of protection.

Physical Security

The first level of security for any home is your physical security. For apartments this might be as simple as making sure you have locks on your windows and a solid core door. home-security-152011468For homeowners you’ll want to make sure your doors deadbolt closed and all your windows lock. Sliding glass doors should be locked with a wooden dowel in the track. The landscaping should be well cared for, and kept lower than the windows so those inside can see all the way to the street. This sends the sign to burglars that you’re watching your property and in charge. Claiming your territory and maintaining these physical securities will do a lot for protecting your home.


Since 1965 the surveillance camera has faithfully served where it is installed. Hundreds of homes enjoy the benefits of 24 hour monitoring and surveillance recording. It is important to look for cameras that can cover the entrances to your home this might include windows and doors. Security Camera or CCTV isolate on white background 478836331If you want to be conservative with your security budget at least cover the front entrance with a camera. Cameras with high resolution and night vision abilities are reasonable in price and will be your best option. Supplement these with motion sensors or glass break sensors around windows. Also make sure that the DVR running your system can both display live and store high quality images for later reference.

Common Sense

The final element of good security is common sense. Too many people these days don’t know how to filter between private and personal information. The thing is social networks have done great damage to home security as people share information like “going out of town!” and “on vacation for a week!” Smarter crooks watch these posts on social networks and choose to attack while you’re away. For those homeowners with remote monitoring you can call the police on your burglar, but for the 83% of homes that do not have security systems you’re out of luck. Common sense security includes:

  • 890771_56902558Not leaving your doors unlocked during the day.
  • Not putting a note on the door saying “come on in, I’ll be back soon.”
  • Canceling your mail and newspapers when you go out of town.
  • Keeping your address to yourself.
  • And making allies with neighbors to keep an eye on each other’s homes.

You can protect yourself from all kinds of trouble when you stay on the up and up with your home security, even living in New York! Home security is an important element in protecting your lifestyle. Take time to consider how you can improve your home security. To talk with a professional about how a security system could help keep you safer click the banner on the side and you’ll be contacted by a local expert.